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about this blog

Oh no, not another running blog – I’ll try to be brief. What you need to know: my name is Jonathan and I’ve been a runner most of my life. My running has never been competitive but I’ve had the odd race that meant something to me. You know, the occasional, officially recorded time that means something to the casual runner. The intention of this blog is not to be overly serious. I take my running seriously but I also have no delusions. Everything you need to know about this blog is that it’s just a diary and a bit of fun – be kind.

not all journeys in life start with a plan, not all plans start with a journey…

I’ve run every distance from 100m to a 50km ultra marathon (not all of them well!) In favour of full disclosure I’ve run <13s for 100m, <19mins for 5km, <42mins for 10km, 1hr 30mins (and an annoying 22 seconds) for half-marathon, and 3:27 for a full marathon. I don’t exactly set the world on fire. My biggest bugbear is that I don’t scale very well with respect to my training effort. That’s a puzzle I have been wondering about for some time now. Is it my psychology, my fitness, my training? Is it everything? I don’t know but I want to find out.

At the age of 40, I decided I was running out of marathons. I have been trying desperately to break a dream goal of 3hrs 20mins for the distance. Previous training plans and advice had an immense impact on my times. I have gained some great PBs but I also feel I haven’t fully capitalised on a well-executed plan. Something within stalled progress as everything else added up. It was time to change something and start learning… that’s about all there is about this blog. Welcome to The Oregano Project.

about this blog: it's an experiment, nothing serious, just a bit of fun